• phone_in_talkHow do I get in contact with an underwriter to ask a question?

    You can contact either Timm Miller (tmiller@gridironins.com) at (954)-331-3033
    or Stephanie Badiola(sbadiola@gridironins.com) at (954)-331-3030.
    Both will be happy to assist you on any questions or referrals!

  • thumbs_up_downWhat if one class is ok and another class on the same risk is a submit?

    Please send the account is for a quick referral. We will get you a quote within 24 hours.

  • assignmentWhat guidelines are most important?
    1. All underlying coverages must be written with carriers that have an A-VII or better AM Best rating.
    2. The underlying CGL policy needs to use the ISO CG0001 occurrence form. BOP programs typically do not use the CG0001.
    3. Underlying liability policy premiums can not be greater than $25,000
    4. The underlying policies do not need to be concurrent.
    5. The maximum amount of power units we can consider on an Auto Policy is 10.
  • createDo you write excess for contractors?

    Yes, we do and there are some requirements:

    • NO NEW RESIDENTIAL (single-family homes including work on custom homes, condos).
    • Home builders and artisan contractors that do work for home builders are not eligible.
    • Work on apartments is not considered new residential.
    • No work should be done on building exceeding 3 stories in height.
    • Regardless of class, any street & road work is NOT eligible.
    • Contractors doing work, within security on airports or other secured facilities, are not eligible due to terrorism concerns.
  • priority_high Do you require supplemental applications?

    Yes, we ask that you provide them for the following industries:

    • CONDOS
    • MFR REPS
  • whatshotDo you require loss runs?

    Yes, but if the hazard is Low or Medium (other than contractors) checking no losses on the Acord app is acceptable.

    Contracting risks (regarless of hazard class) and High Hazard classes - 5 years of company loss runs for all scheduled underlying lines of business (can include letters of no losses for some or all years).

  • descriptionWhat are the reinstatement guidelines?

    We will reinstate within 15 days of cancellation with a no loss letter.

  • date_rangeHow do I get a short-term excess quote?

    Please send it in to us. We target short-term excess and will get you a quick quote. Please contact Timm or Stephanie.

  • autorenew How do renew a policy?

    Search for your policy by name or number. Click and the Named Insured link. From there you'll see the option to create the renewal.